The Redskin Battalion welcomes  parents, cadets, and any high school students who would like

to attend or watch our classes, events. or courses.  We offer volunteer opportunities for parents, cadets

and students interested in getting involved within the surrounding communities.


The Army Junior ROTC is designed to teach high school students the values of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling self-esteem. teamwork, and self-discipline in them. The program's focus is reflected in its mission statement, "To motivate young people to become better citizens." It prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as an American citizen. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school, and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community, and nation.


As an Army Junior ROTC cadet. you will embark on one of the most interesting and valuable educational experiences of your high school career. The program provides you with tools and skills you can use to succeed in high school. but far more importantly, these tools and skills will be used for the rest of your life.


You Will Learn:


  • Citizenship, taught through a study of history and government, demonstrates the importance of commitment and strengthens your character as you grow.


  • Develop leadership potential and learn to work cooperatively with others.


  • You will learn basic problem-solving, financial planning, and conflict resolution; life skills that will help you live in the modem world.


  • You will be able to assess your skills and learn to make more positive logical decisions and choices.


  • Develop the means and motivation to graduate from high school and to pursue your goals in life.